Not Just State of the Art, a Work of Art

Built by the William Kaufman Organization, Ltd., in 1972, 747 Third Avenue was originally designed by Emery Roth & Sons. The 39-story building was erected in the International Style, and the result is a striking, modern look. It spans the whole east block between East 46th and 47th Street with the entire plaza area extending out to the curb. The façade of the building is anodized aluminum with a natural finish. The frame is structural steel, and the foundations are reinforced poured-in-place concrete on bedrock. There are twelve high-speed elevators in three banks that serve the 2nd to 11th floors, the 12th to 26th floors and the 27th to 38th floors. The freight elevator services the Building with the freight entrance located on 47th Street.

747 Third Avenue has repositioned itself as the premier Class A office building in the Grand Central District. The building's newly completed renovation has transformed the lobby, including a state-of-the-art visitor access system, concierge desk and digital art. Design elements from the entrance carry throughout the lobby, extending to new common corridors, and feature striking, high-end materials and finishes. A signature green wall was installed echoing the same design language from the front entrance through the new plaza, a trademark of William Kaufman Organization buildings.

Building Info: 
William Kaufman Organization and The Travelers Companies, Inc.
Property Management
Sage Realty Corporation
Emery Roth & Sons
Building Size
403,469 SF
Building Height
38 Floors
Floor Sizes
(2/Mezz) 23,400 SF; (3-6) 18,820 SF; (7-12) 15,100 SF; (14) 7,125 SF; (15-28) 9,275 SF; (29-38) 9,700 SF; (PH) 1,508 SF
Newly Renovated
Building Entrance
Newly Renovated
Building Plaza
Newly Renovated
Elevator Cabs
Newly Renovated
Robert Martin
Assistant Building Manager

747 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017

(212) 593-3444
Michael I. Lenchner
VP & Director of Leasing

Sage Realty Corporation

(212) 755-5151