Past Meets Modernism

In 1924, The William Kaufman Organization set out to establish itself as an innovator in the New York real estate community. Its subsidiary, Sage Realty Corporation, was created in 1938 to operate as a management and leasing division to meet the demanding owner-builder expectations of the William Kaufman Organization.

The Kaufmans are among the first developers in New York City to employ European-inspired concierges in the main lobbies of their buildings. In the 1970s the list of services included assisting tenants with various tasks such as providing errand services, making reservations and travel arrangements. The Kaufman philosophy has always been based on the idea that tenants spend as much time in their offices as they do in their homes and therefore management should be attuned to their tenants’ needs. Sage Realty strives to raise the caliber of workspace with each ensuing office building in their portfolio.

The William Kaufman Organization and Sage Realty have never found satisfaction in following others. Our renowned history is set firmly upon a foundation of leadership and a tradition of excellence and innovation. With a company history that spans more than seven decades and four generations, we are proud of the milestones that we have reached while maintaining a reputation as an industry leader ahead of our time. Over the years, Sage has introduced cutting-edge management techniques that have come to be industry standards.

“Build buildings with integrity and ingenuity that stand the test of time and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.” —William Kaufman