Overview of 77 Water Street

Built in 1970 by the William Kaufman Organization, 77 Water Street is a 26-story office tower that sits at the epicenter of New York’s Financial District. Widely considered one of Wall Street’s most recognizable buildings, 77 Water Street is the quintessential expression of the Kaufmans' vision that office buildings, and lobby areas in particular, should be welcoming places for workers and the larger community to mix and mingle.

The building, which contains 546,803 square feet of usable office space, features an open plaza area, with an array of interesting elements, including honey locust trees, streams, foot bridges and a wood-framed, turn-of-the-century-style candy store. The crowning jewel of 77 Water Street is a sculptured steel replica of a World War I Sopwith Camel fighter plane, which serves as an endless source of delight and fascination for visitors who catch a glimpse of the unusual object adorning the roof.

Building Info: 
William Kaufman Organization
Asset Manager
Sage Realty Corporation
Emery Roth & Sons
Renovation Architect
Building Size
600,000 SF
Floor Sizes
24th – 26th Fl: 25,310 RSF each; 21st – 23rd Fl: 25,262 RSF each; 18th – 20th Fl: 25,227 RSF each; 14th – 17th Fl: 25,159 RSF each; 2nd – 12th Fl: 24,353 RSF each; Mezzanine: 16,411 RSF
Glenn DiBiase
VP & Dir. of Property Mgmt

Sage Realty Corporation

(212) 758-0437